Decor and Costume

During 5,6,7 and 8th levels of fundamental ballet education decor and costume history lessons are obligatory supplementary lessons. This lesson aims to supply general knowledge and ability to design relevant costumes and decors according to the epoch of staged performance. These lessons are conducted by instructors raised by the late Mrs. İncila Yar who was the teacher of many ballet and theatre artists of Turkey.

History of Ballet

During 1-2-3-4th levels of advanced ballet educations ballet history is an obligatory supplementary lesson. Important ballet works are studied theoretically and then also practically also by performing them on stage every year. To enwiden the general knowledge all the works, starting from the very young years of ballet history, are studied in analysing the coreographers, composers and themes. With repertoire lessons students are made familiar with important ballet works like Swan Lake, Nutcracker, Le Corsaire, Don Quixote, Cindrella, Giselle, Les Sylphides, La Bayadere, Sleeping Beauty, Paquita.

Character Dances

Our study program includes character dances starting from 1st  fundamental level to improve dancing and self-expression skills in harmony with music and relevant steps. So the students becoming aware that dancing has many different styles and versions but not only classical ballet. They learn to dance with different accessory and head, arms, hands movements in perfect harmony.


At obligatory solfege lessons music notes, time signatures and all rhytmic features of music will be studied to dance in correct accordance to musical piece.