Our mission includes to improve the creativity of our pupils, make them dance lovingly in harmony with music gaining physical and spiritual aesthetics with compassion of arts and grow up filled with the goods of art acquiring a lifetime career besides, as teacher or dancer.





Our vision is to raise our pupils, as from the starting age of 4-11, as humans with compassion of arts and all artistic activities in addition to their scholactic education; to equip them with adequate knowledge of classical ballet, modern dance and ballet, pandomime, improvisation, solfege, decor and costume implementations, history of ballet, musical instruments as piano and violin; to guide and teach them in productive evaluation of free time, gaining self-confidence, being respectful to different minds and open to all new, besides having absolute liability to the principals and revolutions of ATATÜRK.




OUR GOALS besides

To educate our pupils to develope to adults as;

  • On perfect physical conditons with complete self-confidence
  • Art lover following artistic activities
  • Equipped with knowledge of russian and english ecole of ballet to be proficient worldwide
  • Having the capability of express the universal emotions with body language
  • Dancing skills to all musical rythm
  • Having adequate knowledge in area of stage decor and costumes and evolution of ballet in history
  • Gained enough stage experience
  • A good spectator of ballet
  • Provided with the profession of ballet as instructor or dancer
  • Positive minded and open hearted
  • Innovative, sophisticated and disciplined